Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The brigde San Juan area

The bamboo bridge is still intact, barely...
Elders Potter and Sudweeks Taugtog area October 2016

Fiesta - San Juan December 5


It is December! Crazy! This week was awesome, still really hard. It was the Fiesta for Taugtog, which means every other house just makes food for everyone, and everyone goes from house to house eating! It was super fun, getting to see some of the members again, but the LBM afterwards was not as much fun... Then we killed a little tiny snake in Nanay Ebyangs house. (Nanay Ebyang is the Nay in San Juan. She has a business selling Nata de Coco, that might go international) Then I got a package! The MP3 player and recorder are awesome!!! It was super cool to hear from everyone on it! I haven't gotten the batteries for it yet, so I can't reply yet, but I will try to this week. 

The bridge is still intact, but only just! Haha, I'm waiting for the day when it gives out... That will be a fun story to tell!

Our investigators our doing good, the one family is ready to be baptized this week! The other two are still hard to get a hold of, but we are trying our best! 

The sick companion of Elder Sudweeks left for the MRC (Missionary Recovery Center) about 3 weeks ago. He has a new companion, Elder Palacio. Elder Palacio is actually assigned in the Provo Utah mission, but has been waiting on his Visa for about 5 months. Crazy to think he will go home before me! They are doing good, Taugtog has been really progressing since I left, 31 Investigators with a Baptismal Goal date! Crazy! Makes me a little jealous... But it's okay!

Me and Elder Jumagdao are getting along alright. We will see what happens this transfer day; the 7th. He has a lot of family support, his Dad is actually a Branch President in his home branch. 

Just the word Rodeo makes me miss home! It sounds like a great time, I'm glad everyone is doing to well.
Christmas here sounds like it will just be one great big party! Lots of food! Hopefully less LBM... We have a Branch Party the 23, and a Mission 'Devotional' the 22. 'Devotional' because I don't know how much of a devotional it will be, or how much of a party it will be. 

I'm excited to see and hear from everyone too! I still don't know the plan, but I will let you know as soon as I do! 
Love you all so much, can't wait to hear from you! Miss everyone, take care!

Elder Kobe Potter

November - San Juan


Our investigators in San Juan are;
The Denito Family. Brother Mark is Police in Manila, so he is only home every other week, so Sister Charmane is home with the three young kids. Brother has a small alcohol problem, but it is mostly social from work. Hopefully he is doing well in staying away from it this week. We will teach him later today!
Andrew and Lewel, are both young men. They are friends, but live on opposite ends of the area. It's hard to teach them, because they have such busy schedules, but we still try. They are not really progressing, so we need to track them down and see what the problem is.

The most exciting thing this week... Probably Mission President Interviews. We talked about becoming a normal missionary, because my training schedule ends this week on the 6th. We are not sure yet, but President Dahle said he thought I would probably stay in San Juan. If so, I will be there with Elder Jumagdao, and then have to lead the area after he leaves... Scary...

Most everything is normal now... When the chickens and lizards and bugs are in the house and it doesn't bother anyone, that's still weird, but other than that... The weirdest thing is seeing other white people, haha!

I'm eating more, and drinking more. I'm still hungry, the rice doesn't really fill me up... In San Juan it's hard to find clean water, so I usually drink a lot in the mornings and at nights when we are home. But it's all good! I think I've lost weight, but it's hard to tell...

The shirts I'm getting sized are the long sleeve ones that were always a little big, so yes they will be altered to be smaller. Hopefully the will be ready to pick up today, and I will send a picture next week.

We have enough money for everything we need. If I want to get extra things; more food, souvenirs, glasses, new clothes or another bag, it will need to be personal money. If I withdraw 10 dollars a month, its about 500 extra pesos, and should be more than enough. But I will try and only do that if I need to. Is that okay with you?

Sounds like a busy week! Makes me miss home, and the things I know. I'm just so new to everything here, it's hard to get comfortable anywhere. But it's okay, we just lift where we stand and do what we can! 

Nothing yet about the phone home, hopefully this next week or something. It will probably be on a Monday here, so Sunday evening back home. Christmas Eve for you, Christmas Morning for me! Still no packages, I'm getting worried now, haha.

Love you! Miss everyone! I know this is where I need to be, and am trying to work hard! 

Elder Kobe Potter