Thursday, July 28, 2016

MTC day 2

Hey, Thursdays will be our P-day, but we don't really get one this first week because we are running to and from meetings all the time. I just wanted to take this time and talk to you real fast. I knew I was forgetting something, and realized today that I'm missing my exercise shoes. If you could get those sent to me somehow that would be awesome! This isn't really supposed to be a long letter, just a quick thing, but I promise I'll write you more on Thursday, a longer letter. I love you all and love it here, it's very majbuti. Magandang amanga, write you soon. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

1st Email - 45 minutes after we dropped him off!

What a crazy way to start off my stay here. I haven't even unpacked yet, I've just been run from building to building. I got my tag, but it just has "Elder Potter" on it, no Tagalog yet. My teacher, however, will only speak Tagalog to me, so going through the online assessment was a little confusing. I'm headed back to class right after this, and don't want to be late. I love you all so much, let everyone know they can email me as much as they want to, I will talk to you again soon. I don't know my P Day yet, but I'm sure I will soon. Love you all,