Monday, April 17, 2017


My week was good, time has been flying here! We had a Zone Conference, and I got to see my Trainer, Elder Sudweeks again! He is training, so I have a "Brother" in the mission! Haha! 
As for the shoes, I bought a pair of tennis shoes here last week or so. But, they are about to fall apart already... I guess I'm a little to rough on the Filipino quality of stuff... They might last me another week or two before I wear a hole out the bottom rubber part.
Engaged!? Holy cow... That's crazy! I feel like we are way to young to be doing stuff like that...
I'm super excited for Carsen to get his mission call! We just had a Sister here get her mission call, to the San Pablo mission here in the Philippines. She is super excited, and said that she would like to try and work with us sometimes, to practice her teaching. Fun!!
Haha, 5-buck! What I would give for a good pizza... They have pizza here, but it's not very good. Their cheese is fake, and their sauce is really plain. And they only put a little bit of meat on it...
We haven't had conference yet, we do it this Sunday, so we can download it in Tagalog if they want... But I'm super excited! To think that I have been here for two conferences... Crazy!
It's weird to even think that we have cars... Only like, super rich people here have cars, people who work abroad, or out of the Philippines, and send money home. That's awesome, I want pictures when you get the new one!
Sydni told me that you would be coaching, that's awesome! Good luck, I know you will all do great! You can ask Dad for all his advice on yelling at people and good workouts! 😉😂
I love you all too! This week has been awesome! Miss you!
Elder Kobe Potter

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