Monday, April 17, 2017

March 26

Woohoo! How exciting about Carsen's papers! That's crazy! Did you get that big map out again?
This week I had an email from 17 people. I know that I don't have to answer every one, but I like to try my best to get to every body. I can imagine how hard it is to write and not hear anything back.
This week has been good, but I always feel like we should be doing more. Miracles...
Last week on P-day we had a miracle. Right after emailing, Elder Boota told me that he had gotten an email from a bunch of his friends and family. He told me that he hasn't gotten a single email in the whole time that he has been here, on the mission. He said that he prayed super hard, that he would get an email. If he didn't get an email, he was going to stop writing home... When he was done, he had 15 emails, and one person even stayed up till midnight(Kirabati time) to chat with him.
Another Miracle, is the awesome number of referrals we have been getting. Even though the majority of them go to the other Elders here, we still have gotten a lot of referrals this past week. Referrals are the number one, almost guaranteed to get baptized convert in missionary work. Some one told me that the statistics is; Missionary found, 1 in about 30 will be baptized here. If Referral, 1 in about 10 will be baptized. That's 3 times a better chance! The only problem now is trying to track everybody down, in a place without real addresses... The addresses here are very vague. For example; "The house under the mango tree, with a dog, down the street from the shop". Which would be great, if there wasn't a shop on every street, and a dog at every other house...

Elder Palacio, the Fillipino Elder who was my housemate last transfer, says that he is in the Utah Provo West Stake right now.
Crazy how much is happening back home! Time has gone bye super fast! Still seems like forever though... I'm excited for the packages, I will let you know right away! Love you!

Elder Kobe Potter

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