Sunday, March 19, 2017

February 19

Happy Anniversary! Crazy! 

We talked about Pioneers this week too, during Elders Quarom. They all just wanted me to tell stories about Utah, and about the Pioneers that I know in my family. While that was fun, and we plan on showing 17 Miracles later this week to the youth, we tried to change the topic back to them, how they really are Pioneers here in the Philippines. They don't even have a real chapel yet, they are just renting a building and lot... Crazy to think about. Makes me really grateful for the Pioneers that sacrificed so much so that the Church has progressed so much, that we have so many blessings back at home. 

That's really cool! Yeah, find out where she is from in the Philippines, that's really fun! One thing my teacher in the MTC said is; "The number one export from the Philippines is Filipinos". That's super true, people here want super bad to go to other countries... The money transfer here is really low, and so if they get jobs in other places of the world, and send even a little money home, it helps a lot. A normal meal here might cost about 30 pesos, which is less than 1 dollar ( about 47 pesos). 

No, I didn't get the new shoes, I forgot to bring the personal money that I withdrew... Later today I hope to go look, and see if they have anything my size. 

Yes, our baptism is still scheduled for March 3, but Transfer day is March 1. I'm a little nervous, and also excited. I would be fine staying, or going. I love this place, and want to see the progression here, but I've been in this house for over 6 months now... That's a really long time for this mission, we usually get transferred about now. 

I think with the Temple back at home going up, it's a great time to talk to Grandma about it. As we teach the Plan of Salvation, we try and keep it very simple for investigators. But as we re-teach Recent Converts, we make sure to emphasize the doctrine of Missionary work in the Spirit world. It is a motivating factor for temple attendance, family history, and mission work. I think that with some prayerful preparation, Grandma will definitely be ready for that. I would hope to be there when it happens... But I also don't think it can wait!

I know you will get a calling soon! Our Relief Society and Primary were re-arraigned this week, and our Branch President didn't tell any of the 1st or 2nd councilors that they were going to have callings. As they stood up with surprised and confused looks on their faces, our President talked about the importance of callings and service in the church. I thought that was a little odd... Another thing I am grateful for in Utah, the Bishop will probably let you know before you get a calling!

This week has been slow, we have been dealing with a lot of sickness in the house. Because of that, and the situation with us being so far away from the area, we haven't been able to work as much as we needed to... Hopefully this last week of the transfer we can refocus and devote our time for fully to the Lord. 

Thank you for all the love and support! Love you all, miss you! 

Elder Kobe Potter

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