Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 5 Transfer!

I got transferred to Cabcaban. It is the 2nd to furthest south area in the entire mission! We got here by bus, three buses actually. It took about 6 hours all in all, without stopping to eat or anything. Our house is really close to the ocean, but our area is a little farther away. We actually went and cleaned up the beach as a service project this last week, with all the youth. Really dirty here...

My companion is Elder Boota, he is from Kiribati. He is really cool, and fun to be around. He has only been in the mission for 3 months, so his Tagalog is not very good yet. He is the only member in his family, but his 4 younger siblings are investigators right now, and one of his adopted brothers served a mission in Australia.

The house is different too; two stories! I will try and take pictures this week. We have two Filipino companions in the house, Elder Aquino (really cool, older than me in the mission) and Elder Lavantes (i think that's how you spell it, he's only been here for 3 months too). 

I have also been called as District Leader here in the Cabcaben district... Woohoo... Its just a lot of statistics, and calling the district to make sure everything is alright with their companionship. The other two companionships I have in my District are both training, and Elder Wilcox is on his last transfer. Every time I call him, he likes to remind me " 5 weeks na lang!" or " Just 5 weeks!"

Prom? Seems so weird to me that it's time for Prom... That means the school year is beginning to wrap up! Crazy, crazy, crazy...
Sydni needs glasses? I've been thinking about getting a pair here, but we are just busy all the time, I never have. 
Border League... It feels like I was just playing border league basketball a month or two ago. I remember we had to do a ladder in 13 seconds, and if we didn't make it in time we would have to go again until we did. Chad was on the team, and would run into the walls because he was running so hard!
Who bought that land behind the house again? Is it still the same people, or is someone else going to move in?

Love you too! Miss everyone more and more every day! 
Elder Kobe Potter

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