Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 12

Google says that this is the adress right in front of the street that leads into our house. We live down the street, to the left. The owner of the land, has two houses that they rent out here.
Pinag-apugan St
Mariveles, Bataan
14.458701, 120.594773

Yes, he was transferred last Wednesday, his replacement is Elder McKammerman. He is from Kerns, Utah. Weird to me that Yingling would be super allergic to seafood, but live so close to the ocean his whole life...

Sister Pangilinan, is a little crazy... You can always tell her to stop, haha, but the missionaries there probably appreciate the help! Jasmine was my first baptism here, so their family is a little special to me, even thought Sister never would come to church for us...

Cabcaben is a good area, very big. No bikes, but they do have a lot more jeepnies and trikes than San Juan did. But the investigators here are a little lacking... In our lists, it says there are 15 Investigators who have accepted a BGD, but its going to be more like 3... We only have the one investigator who will come to church, the others are busy or can't/won't pay the travel fee.

The food here is mostly the same, hopefully I will be able to have some more seafood here though. We are so close to the ocean, and the 2nd Councilor is a fisherman. The kind who goes diving with a wooden-spear gun. Cool! We ate at his house, giant shrimps in a vinegary sauce. Really good! 

When we get really tired, me and Elder Boota go to the pier and talk. He was basically raised in the sea, and knows everything about it. He talks about the tides, the wind. He knows where there will be fish, the seasons of the month when the jellyfish will be close to the shore, and what days are best for fishing. He told me right before he came to the mission, they spent 3 days strait at sea. Just a small, wooden boat, maybe 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. Said it was the best time of his life. He is the only member, the oldest of five. He has 7 Older adopted siblings though, and one of them served a mission. 
We will baptize at the church, unless the investigator really wants it to be in the ocean. 

His name sounds familiar... Butuan is down on one of the other islands, he might have to learn two languages for his call. Here on Luzon, the main language is Tagalog, but on the other islands they have their own languages.

That's awesome, Carsen deserves it! Congratulations to the both of you for making it through wrestling! 

Love you, miss everyone!

Elder Potter

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