Sunday, March 19, 2017

February 12


I just checked earlier today, and was just under 190 #. That's about 5 pounds less than I was when I entered the MTC. But I'm afraid I've put on a lot of fat here, rice is really fattening I've found out... And I don't like working out without shoes, and we didn't have time to go find new ones today. 

We got the package from Aunt Tammy just this last week. It was awesome thank you so much! My Filipino house-mate was a little shocked and amazed by Styrofoam packing peanuts. 

No baptisms this week... The next closest scheduled ones are for March 5, but it might have to be moved back...

What are the names of the people who have friend requested you? The youth love Facebook here, and creepily stalk me when I tell them I have one...

I heard about basketball and wrestling. How exciting! Super fun for State Basketball, and I told Carsen that he is the only person I know who can say he was in the top 10 wrestlers in his state. Even though he didn't get a medal, we all know how much work and effort he put into it. A medal is to show other people your good. All of us already know.

I get Chaz's weekly letter, he sounds like he is doing great. Shared a letter in French last week, and whatever little French I used to know is completely gone... I can only think in two languages at a time I guess!

I hope it is a good quality hammock... There are a lot of people who will try and rip me off just because I'm "American and Rich". But I am excited for it, hehe.

I did not hear anything about an earthquake, we don't get to listen to the News or TV... Where was it at?

Sorry I'm so late this week, we spent all morning in the Hospital. Elder Spring has Denge... Fun!

Love you too! Miss everyone! Take care!

Elder Potter

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